2015: A Review

This year has been pretty awesome to be honest. Obviously there has been some ups and downs but there always will be. It’s how you bring yourself back from it. I made some progress with my blog, moved in with my boyfriend and started on my health journey.

This year in numbers:

288 – Instagram posts this year
34 – Number of Countries that have visited my blog this year
2000 – Average page views per month this year
9 – Pounds I’ve lost in December since starting my healthy journey
1 – Times I went on holiday (in the UK, but I moved out so money was put there)

Top Highlights in 2015:

– Moving in with my boyfriend
– Reaching two of my blogging goals, reaching 1.5k on bloglovin’ & twitter
– Started to do fashion posts and getting some confidence back
– When I started to see the numbers on the scales go down as I start to lose weight
– Getting the beautiful Canon 1200D for Christmas to up my photography game in 2016
– Seeing the new Starwars Movie, Spy and Trainwreck. Favourites for this year. Melissa McCarthy is my bae.

2015 Discoveries:

– Justin Bieber, yep, I listened to ‘Sorry’ an unhealthy amount of times. I might be a belieber.
– Avocado’s, I hated them before, they were certainly the vegetable of 2015. On toast with poached egg, perfection.
– Cycling, I hadn’t really been on a actual moving bike since I was about 15, but me and Scott starting going on bike rides around the park and stuff this year. Great exercise and I really enjoyed it.

Blog things I want to start to do in 2016:

– Fashion, I want to delve into the fashion world a bit more, do some outfit posts and all that.
–  Vlogging, I know its not really blogging, but I’m thinking of doing a few weekly vlogs.
– Layout, I want to change up the layout again throughout the year, I’m already getting bored of this one.
– Updates, I want to share my weight loss, updates, tips and journey. I will share my struggles and be brutally honest about how I’m doing. I think this will motivate me more.

I also would love to know what you guys want to see more of in 2016, food, lifestyle, home, fashion or beauty? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Alice Gallagher
    December 30, 2015 / 4:58 pm

    I discovered my love for Avocados this year too, I'm delighted haha :)Alice // the-rose-glow.blogspot.co.uk

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