Sunday Summary #13

This has been a pretty good week, I’ve been pretty busy to be honest. I’ve been working loads and all different shifts, early, lates plus extra overtime. Gotta make a living! On Saturday me and Scott went to see Spectre, it’s such a good bond film, my favourite is still skyfall, but this was a close. Would highly recommend going to see it, if not for just going to see the lovely Daniel Craig. 

I’ve got some new beauty bits and some new clothes which will soon feature on my blog. I’ve done my first fashion post and my boyfriend did the photos so I’m excited to post that tomorrow. I’ve always been kinda nervous to do fashion posts because I’m big. But I’m getting my confidence back. I am still gonna lose weight and be healthy but I’m not gonna hate myself how I am now. I will enjoy my body, myself and look damn good doing what I do. 

Keep an eye out for posts next week, how’s your week been?


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