Love Makeup? A Job In Makeup Art Could Be Perfect For You!*

As you will know if you follow my blog on a regular basis, I am mad about makeup. I love experimenting with new looks, trying out different products and sharing the results. If, like me, you are a massive makeup addict, perhaps the beauty industry is your calling.

When it comes to beauty, many of us think that makeup is destined to be just a hobby. However, that’s not necessarily the case. If you are a makeup pro and have a passion for learning new skills, a job that allows you to work with makeup could be perfect.

If you love makeup, what jobs can you do? To give you all the information that you need to know about working in makeup, I thought I would share my knowledge with you.

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Become a makeup artist

The main makeup-related roles are based in makeup artistry, some of these are beauty based while others are stage makeup based. If you are crazy about beauty products and loving using makeup to create different looks, working in makeup art could be perfect for you.

As a makeup artist, your job would be to do the makeup – either stage or normal, of anyone appearing before the camera. This could be in the television, film or photography industry, the area that you choose to work in is up to you.

What will the job include?

There’s a lot more working as a makeup artist than meets the eye – it isn’t just about applying makeup. To be successful in the field, you will not only need to perfect the key skills, but you will also need to gain lots of experience.

Your day-to-day job as a makeup artist would vary depending on what area of makeup art you choose to go into. For each job that you get, your will need to be prepared to spend a great deal of time researching and practicing. You’ll also need to be able to stand on the side of the set, ready to do any touch ups that need doing.

You will need to take a course

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The first step to becoming a qualified makeup artist is taking a course; this needs to allow you to specialise in the type of makeup you are interested in. For instance, if you are interested in special effects makeup, you would need to take a course specific to that. The same applies to media, theatrical or photography makeup – you need to specialise.

Wherever you live, you will find that there are courses on offer in your local area. Most are held at colleges and universities, so make sure to look out for them. If there are no courses on offer where you live, it may be worth looking a little further afield.

What will you earn?

What you will earn from working as a makeup artist will depend on what role you have. Most makeup artists work on a freelance basis and are paid a fee based on each project. For example, for a 10 hour day, most artists make around £200.

While you will be working on a freelance basis, the money tends to be good. However, the downside to working on a freelance basis is the fact that you may not always have work. If you are a freelancer, if you don’t work, you won’t get paid.

If you love makeup and have always dreamed of a career working in the beauty industry, becoming a makeup artist could be perfect for you.


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    if you love makeup and have always dreamt of a career in the beauty industry, becoming a makeup artist could be perfect for and hair courses

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