A More Personal Gift For Christmas*

I have recently discovered a company called ‘Cheerz‘. As you know I’ve recently moved out so I brought some magnets from Cheerz with my Instagram photos on it. I plan to cover my whole fridge. I was so pleased when they approached me and wanted to work with me. I ordered a Christmas Cheerz Box, which is a cute and beautifully packaged box with up to 45 photos and is only £12.95. 

It is such a thoughtful gift for someone or if you want to jazz up your christmas cards, get a caption put on the bottom of the photo, you have the option for all the photos. Then you can put them in your partners, family or friends christmas cards. I certainly plan too. 

I cannot wait to dot these around my flat, on the fridge with the magnets, on my mirrors. Everywhere! The photos are amazing quality and such good colour. 

You can get your own Christmas Cheerz Box with £4 off by using the code ‘EMILS04’ Pretty good bargain with Christmas coming up!

What creative gifts would you give with some photos?


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