Should You Get Semi Permanent Makeup?*

A few months ago, semi permanent makeup was tipped to be the next big thing in the beauty industry. When I first heard about it, however, I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether I would be willing to have it done. (I’m not the biggest fan of needles – especially being injected into my face.)

The main issue for me was the fact that I love experimenting with different looks and wouldn’t want it to affect my ability to do that. I have since found out that it wouldn’t affect this, as you can choose exactly how much makeup you want to be tattooed. You can opt for a simple look or something more elaborate, it’s completely, up to you.

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For me, there are both pros and cons to semi permanent makeup. The idea that it would make those hectic weekday mornings easier makes it appealing. As does the fact that it can help to give the appearance of clearer skin and fuller lips. We all want that perfect pout, don’t we?

Choosing to have your makeup tattooed on semi permanently is a big decision to make, and one that should be personal to you. So before you go ahead, it’s important to think things through carefully.

Think about what you would like done

If you wear the same makeup every day, this might not take a lot of thought. However, if you like to swap looks on a regular basis, like I do, choosing the makeup you would like tattooed on, maybe be more tricky.

A friend of mine who has semi permanent makeup and likes to swap her look, opted for a basic design. This includes simple eyeliner and subtle lip lining, instead of a more elaborate design. As this still allows her to try out new makeup styles whenever she wants to.

There are various treatments to choose from, three of the most popular are eyeliner, lip treatments, and eyebrow filling. Eyeliner treatments can help to give the eyes a more defined, polished look. Lip liner procedures are fantastic for making the lips appear fuller, with a more defined shape. And eyebrow filling can make the eyebrows look fuller and better shaped.

Take the cost into account

Before getting any cosmetic procedure done, it’s important to take the cost into consideration. While it will be a one-off cost, treatment can still be pricey.

That being said, if you think about how much money you would spend on makeup over that period, it could be worth the cost. However, that depends on what makeup you choose to have tattooed on, and how much you spend on beauty products.

Consider the pros and cons

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As I mentioned above, there are both advantages and disadvantages to semi permanent makeup, and it’s important to be aware of that. For example, a major con is the fact that the tattoos will last for at least three years. So if you get bored of your look, there’s nothing you can do to change it. A fantastic pro, however, is that no matter what, you will always look good, even when you first wake up.

Whether you choose to get semi-permanent makeup is up to you. Just make sure that before you go ahead with any procedure, that you are 100 percent sure about it.


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