Pact Coffee*

I am trying to cut down on coffee at the moment, trying to be healthy and all that jazz. So when I do go for that cup of coffee, I want it to be perfect. I’ve never had freshly brewed coffee at home, I always thought you had to have those big machines to do it and didn’t look into it. I just went to coffee shops for my coffee.

However, Pact coffee, something I discovered brings your freshly ground coffee right to your door and it’s so easy to make. Not gonna lie, making this makes the kitchen smell amazing. Close your eyes and you can imagine you are in a coffee shop. I got sent the flavour Chocolate covered toffee which is a subtle flavour but the sweetness from it doesn’t need any extra sugar.

Below I did a quick demo video just for how I made my coffee, everything from Pact (except the mug). Another handy thing is you just throw the filter away after so it’s really easy to keep tidy.

I’m really excited to keep pact as my morning coffee and will be signing up for regular delivery. Have you tried Pact Coffee? See more about it here.


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