Breakfast in bed with Duerr's*

Nothing is better than breakfast in bed, sometimes something simple is just what you need. I’ve been enjoying bagels most mornings lately and sometimes will opt for normal toast. If I do have toast I normally have, either half and half or rye bread. For so long, I only had either marmite or peanut butter and was too picky to try anything else.

I’ve been trying different jams and preserves lately, Duerr’s sent me a lovely rhubarb and custard jam which was so yummy but I much preferred it in jam tarts. As you can see from the jar half empty, I’ve very much been enjoying this one. Alongside my normal morning coffee. This is suitable for vegetarians, vegan and is gluten free. The raspberries are freshly picked to make the juiciest jams.

This would also be perfect in a Victoria sponge! What’s your favourite breakfast at the moment?


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