Sunday Summary #9

It’s just getting to Sunday afternoon, drizzly rain and grey skies making it the perfect day to stay in bed and become best friends with Netflix. I like to use my Sunday’s to plan the week ahead, choose some healthy meals. Maybe even do a bit of yoga or meditation. 

I feel like if I plan a good week and stay positive about it, it will be a good week. Still though, it is Sunday so some mega relaxation is also needed. This week has been really wonderful after having it all a bit negative lately, it was a nice change. 

Blogging wise, it’s been amazing, really pumped up my motivation for my blog. I’ve received quite a few bits of blogger mail and some exciting emails. My favourite piece was the ultra base corrector from Make Up Revolution, I didn’t even know I was getting it so it was a lovely surprise to come home to. 

Also this week I had a lovely catch up with my best friend Shannon, we went to Costa of course, for coffee and toasties. I went for the typical Ham and Cheese. I wanted the red onion and sausage one but I didn’t have enough change, gutted. It was so nice to catch up though, with work and adult things getting in the way, it’s hard to meet up all the time. 

One of my favourite days this week was yesterday, although an eventful morning, I left my phone on the bus, had a major panic but my lovely boyfriend ran to the bus station and got it back for me. He’s so good to me. We then went for a harvester all you can eat breakfast and popped into the cinema to see Inside Out. Not gonna lie, I got teary eyed but I feel it would be a really good film for kids, kind of giving the message it’s okay to be sad sometimes.

 How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.


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