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I have never really been one for skincare, mainly because I didn’t know enough about it.I have since been doing research and look into what products I should be using and why. I still have a couple items I need to pick up on payday. The main one being a face serum, so if you have any recommendations, let me know please.

So in my new evening skincare routine I start with a cleansing micellar water. I have tried so many and they have all been pretty good. I went to Boots the other day and brought quite a few Boots Botanics items. As you can see, I love the range so my whole current evening skincare routine is Botanics. I’m super impressed by the micellar water, it’s from the All Bright range and my skin is really looking so much better and I feel more confident when I’m just lazing around in bed with no make up on.

Looking after my skin has really improved my confidence in my own skin. Anyway, I’ve always pretty much used micellar water for about 3-4 years now. If I’m in a lazy can’t be bothered mood, I might grab a few wipes but then instantly regret it when my skin feels awful in the morning.

The micellar water is a make up remover as well as unclogging pores and removes impurities. It’s the same as most micellar water with that you don’t need to scrub your mascara off, even waterproof, it just dissolves it and takes it off in a smooth easy motion.

I’ve also been using the Botanics toner, it’s also from the All Bright range and again as soon as it’s on my skin I can feel it working. Almost tingling over my skin, it’s weird. this again cleanses impurities and freshens your skin. I use the toner after my micellar water so I know there is no make up or dirt on my face. 

I high recommend this as I’ve attempted to use some other toners in the past but they hadn’t made a difference in what I can tell. But lately my skin is looking better and I’m not getting as many spots as I used to.

The last part of my evening skincare routine is some moisturiser. I know I’m only 23 but I want to start using some sort of anti aging cream or treatment. Most people don’t use them til they already have wrinkles, but the whole point is anti aging. So if I start now, I’m less likely to get bad wrinkles when I’m older. I hope so anyway. I use the Botanics replenishing night cream from the radiant youth range.

It makes my skin feel super soft and even when I wake up I’m amazed by how my skin feels. Before I started this routine, my skin was dry all the time and when I woke up it felt all cloggy and awful. I feel so much better now I’m using these, you guys should certainly try them out, especially if you’re a skincare newbie like me. 

What do you use for your skin at night? Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. Lydia D
    July 13, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    I picked up some bits from the Botanics range at the weekend and I'm loving it! I'm loving the Soap & Glory Night or Flight Beauty Sleep Accelerator at the moment! Lyd x electricSUEDE

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