Cranberry Hues

I rummaged around my makeup drawers the other day and came across my beloved MAC Cranberry eyeshadow. I normally use it for winter but thought, why not. I applied it lighter so it was a more a summer cranberry colour rather than the dark colour which I normally build it up to for smokey winter look.

Purple colours were always my favourite as a child I had the whole ‘Groovy Chic’ collection in my bedroom which was a lovely lilac colour, very 90’s. Who else had groovy chic?

The cranberry eyeshadow is a very pink/purple hue with a very winter-esque vibe to me. One of my all time favourite shades no matter the season. 

I paired up the purple hue eyeshadow with a light purple lipstick ‘intimate’ from an old Avon collection ‘Colour Trend’. I don’t think you can get it anymore but they have a similar colour available.

As you can see I’m still building my mac palette up. I haven’t brought some for a while now. Might be team to destroy my bank balance and go shopping. What’s your favourite MAC colour?

I feel this make up look, makes me look very girly and would go well with a floral top or a little black dress.

Have you used Cranberry by MAC? What’s your favourite summer eye shadow colour?


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  1. Emma May
    July 21, 2015 / 10:43 am

    I used to love groovy chic when I was younger, I had one of the lilac bags and I carried it everywhere aha! I love the Cranberry shade it looks so nice, one of my favourite Mac shades is Falling Star which would totally work with the Cranberry too! xx

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