#tastytuesday Baked Avocado & Egg with Vegetables

As I’m trying to be healthier I am finding new and exciting dishes to cook. Everyone seems to be loving Avocados at the moment, having them in smoothies, pudding and on toast. I’ve seen a few baked Avocado dishes and they looked so good. I’ve only been eating them the last few months and I’ve only ever had them on toast. So I thought I would try something different.

You will need: 1 Avocado, 1 Yellow Pepper, 6 Cherry Tomatoes, Half of a Courgette, 5 Mushrooms, Half an Aubergine and 2 small eggs.

  1. Cut the Avocado in half and remove the seed, be careful. I nearly lost a finger!
  2. Scoop out some of the middle of the Avocado with a spoon so you can put your egg in there. 
  3. Place the Avocado halves on a baking tray where they will stand up, I use a muffin tray and they balanced well.
  4. Place your egg into the scooped out section on the Avocado, yellow first else it just all overflows and its a mess.
  5. Put the Avocados in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on Gas Mark 5.
  6. Chop the rest of your veg up, put it in a wok/frying pan with some oil, salt and pepper and fry it for about 5-10 minutes on medium heat.
  7. There you have it, a quick, easy and healthy vegetarian meal.  

Whats your favourite way to have Avocados?


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