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You guessed it, Company. I’ve been reading Company a lot the past few months and it fast became my favourite magazine. Being a blogger myself is a big draw in as Company feature a lot of bloggers in their articles. So, I read Zoella and Hello October a lot and to see them be featured in the magazine shows how involved Company are in the blogger community. It also shows them helping a lot of bloggers grow their audience.You also have a big chance of discovering new blogger to read yourself.

#Readitandtweet is a really good section in the magazine I see a lot, its great for all you book worms out there. It gives a great variety of recommendations and people little comments and mini reviews that they have tweeted in. The style sections are always inspiring with a good mixture of high street and high end, so you can re-create some of the styles, even on a budget! Another perk of Company is the own brand products you get as a freebie sometimes. They are really good quality and I also love trying them out. My favourites so far would have to be the duo nail polish burgundy/teal around Christmas time last year and the eyeliner in the September 2014 issue. In the magazine they always have amazing deals for example 12 issues for £12 (working out £1 each! Bargain!) so it is really worth keeping an eye out for them. I highly recommend checking out Company if your not already a reader.

Do you read Company? What is your favourite thing about it?

Emily xo


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  1. Kirstie Jayne Pickering
    August 16, 2014 / 4:16 pm

    So sad reading this just days after they announced they're going to digital only 🙁 I love Company, I really feel like they are the only magazine who support bloggers!! xxhttp://kirstiepickering1.blogspot.co.uk/

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