Rehab Hair Review




I recently got my mop chopped. I had my hair so long for such a long time and it just got too thick and uncontrollable, you girls with super thick hair will know what I’m on about. I have never really let people cut my hair that much, my older sister always used to do it and she passed away some years ago and I’ve only ever been to Rehab, I’m really funny about who cuts my hair. I don’t get my hair cut often but when I do I go here. I always pay a bit extra and get Chris the Director to cut and style my hair. He always does a super amazing job. The salon is beautiful, very modern and everyone is so lovely. I started off getting my hair washed on their amazing massage chairs which certainly put me in a relaxed mood. They put out the products they use on your hair at your little station which is handy if you want to pick them up, you can get them there straight away or at least know what it is so you can pop back in and get it.

Then the cutting started, I got a lot cut off and a little fringe put in, he styled it amazing and took such good time and care into it. You can see the difference above at the thickness and length took off. He thinned my hair and I’m pretty sure you can make a full wig with the amount of hair that left my head. The appointments are estimated at 45 minutes each. Because I have so much hair my appointment took about 1hr 20 minutes. He didn’t start to rush though after it past the 45 minute mark, he still took the same amount of care which I really think is great. There is different pricing for the level of hairdresser you have. The cutest thing to, they take down your birthday and send out vouchers for you to use near your birthday, can’t wait! You can find full details on the pricing and services (here). If you live in the Coventry area, I highly, highly recommend going to visit, they do more than hair too!

Emily xo


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