The Sunday Post: Locals down the road

Hey lovelies, this Sunday’s post is about the local shops down the road from me, I live about a 2 minute walk from a little cluster of shops, most of which are independent small businesses. I like going to the small business shops because you get good customer service and they are always so nice. I’ve found most of the time you get good quality for a good price too. 

Anyway, I went down there in the week with about £10, my first stop was a small RSPCA charity shop, but its not connected to the big RSPCA organisation just the extra Coventry one we have that is separate to it. I brought a book and a mug, the book was 50p and looked quite interesting, the normal girly reads I like. I also got a starbucks mug for 25p! Yep only 25p, I was so shocked when I saw this and picked it up straight away, I was going to get one in town the other week for like £7.

My next stop was a small bakery, I don’t go in there that often because of all the naughty treats they have, because I will buy them and I will eat them…aha. I brought an iced bun and a cute carrot cake which you will of seen i had one day last week too if you follow me on instagram. It came to £1.50 for both of them. Finally I went to the florist, I know they have a few cheap flowers and I just wanted to make my room feel more pretty and I love fresh flowers. I decided to get plants though, so I can water them and they last a lot longer. The pink one is very pretty, was only £2.60 and has quite a few buds so I’m hoping I get a lot of flower heads from it, it lives on my windowsill so it gets lots of sun. The little cute green plant that now lives next to my bed was in the reduced box and it looked so sad and lonely so I brought it for £1 and will look after it.

So I got all those lovely things above for a total of £5.85, which is very very good in my opinion.

What are you guys up to this Sunday?

Emily xo

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