The Sunday Post: Shop, Sit back & Relax

Hey guys, hope you’ve all had a lovely week. This week I haven’t done all that much to be honest, kind of keeping relaxed as I’m hoping my days will soon be filled with work and uni, if someone will employ me that is! aha. I’ve been at my Scott’s all week because his parents are away, which means lovely cuddles every night before sleepy time, yay happy Emmy.

I got paid on Saturday and did a very big shop which made my bank balance cry. I spent £77 in Primark and got some lovely treats from Marks and Spencers. I have been looking everywhere that sells Macaroons and my boyfriend spotted them today so I brought two boxes, may have eaten one already, opps, my thighs will not thank me. In Primark I pretty much just stocked up on some basics that added up to a lot, strappy tops, leggings, a shirt, a satchel, 3 pairs of shoes and some other bits. I also found this baggy, soft, snuggly hoodie which I’m currently wearing and will probably wear a lot in the coming winter.

Netflix, everyone seems to have it now and I thought I’m jump right on the bandwagon, well, free trial anyway, I’m impressed so far but waiting to see if I’m £5.99 a month impressed. I’ve watched the whole first season of Orange is the new Black (AMAZING) and just started on The Vampire Diaries, I’ve never seen it before but I like vampire stuff so I’m sure I can get into it.

I’ve decided to start doing a Sunday post to catch you guys up on my week rather than the ‘life lately’ posts. I may think of something else to do if I still want to put some instagram photos on my blog 🙂

What have you guys been up to?

Emily xo

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