Models Own – Cloud Drops & Terra Crystal

(Cloud Drops)

(Terra Crystal)

I love doing my nails as much as any girl and have well over 50 nail polishes, so whats a few more to add to the collection. I actually got these 2 Artstix polishes from Models own on a twitter giveaway, which was so lovely of them and everyone likes free stuff. I love these colours and think they are very good for the Autumn/Winter months coming up, the Cloud drops (Cream and Gold) reminds me of Christmas, the white snow and the gorgeous gold glitter which is everywhere in the Christmas season.

Having the two different polishes in one product can give you lots of different ideas. I even tried swapping the different glitter covers with the plain polishes and they both look gorgeous on each, Gold and brown has always been a good colour match in my opinion as well as Cream and pink. You can do just an accent nail as you can see in the first photos or all of them which you can see in the second.

I also did some glitter at the top or bottom of the nail, turning it into an ombre effect. I completely suggest getting them and having a look at what brilliant nail designs you can come up with. They have a lot of other colours and mixes so go check it out on their online store

Emily xo

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  1. Forever Miss Vanity
    August 16, 2013 / 9:55 pm

    They look really cool, love the second set :)

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