Don’t sweat it….

  1. You tend to buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream more often when its on offer. It would be rude not to.
  2. You buy more lipsticks then you will ever use in a year
  3. You buy your new favourite top in all the colours available, gotta mix and match
  4. You buy that Starbucks latte with some vanilla or hazelnut syrup with your last few pounds
  5. You treat yourself for the day (or week) when you get paid 
  6. As soon your newly applied nail polish starts to chip you sit and pick it all off
  7. You would rather sit in and watch TV in your pj’s then go out and get drunk, you’ll feel better in the morning!
  8. You get the jealously bug when your friends are doing or have something you want
  9. You delete that old friend on Facebook when they post something vile or offensive
  10. You sometimes opt for the chocolate pudding instead of fruit bowl

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