Treats me like a lady

I was dressed pretty casual today, I wore black leggings, a light blue peplum top, black cardigan and some black boots. I also jazzed it up with some rings and a necklace. I wanted to look pretty nice as my boyfriend, Scott, took me out for the day and spoiled me, hehe. That beautiful man below.

Firstly we went for kind of brunch and I had a hazelnut hot chocolate as it was all drizzly and rainy and a cinnamon swirl. I’ve never had a cinnamon swirl before but I love cinnamon so I thought i’d just try one and I loved it, will certainly be having that again!

We went shopping for about 4 hours, it was pretty tiring, he brought lots of lovely clothes and brought me some treats too, I will do a mini haul on here for them 🙂 After all that shopping it was time for dinner so he took me to the harvester, it is our favourite place to go and the food is always delicious. I had grilled chicken with peas and chips and he had the same but bacon and cheese with his chicken. Yum yum. I also had a lovely Strawberry cocktail (non-alcoholic!)

We had some time to kill before the cinema so we went window shopping for another hour and a half then went to see Pacific Rim. It was a really good film and I did like it. But I wasn’t impressed, like, I think they built it up a lot more so it was a bit like ‘oh’. The fighting scenes were good but I wasn’t overly keen on the rest but I had a nice day with my boyfriend and I only ate like 7 sweets so I have the rest for the next few days, muahahah.

How was your day? 🙂

Emily xo



  1. Lauren Cope
    August 1, 2013 / 7:25 pm

    N'aw this is lovely, what a great boyfriend you have! I've never been to a Harvester, but I'm determined to go and try one. Lauren J xxxx

    • Emily Harrison
      August 1, 2013 / 9:09 pm

      Hehe, he is a cutie. You really should the food is so lovely! and you get free unlimited salad 😀

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