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So I have recently put a lot more effort into my healthy lifestyle. I’m not gonna lie, I have had a few more cheat days than I should the last couple of months (bad Emily). I want to be healthy and fit, I don’t want to do a quick fix diet where I will lose a stone, feel good about myself then put the weight all back on. I really want to make changes that will last a lifetime. You can’t change 20 years of habits in 1 day.

I’ve made more time to do exercise, even a quick workout is better than no workout. I’m doing strength and cardio. It is really important to do both when trying to get fit because just doing cardio isn’t as effective. I know you see those women that are very very muscly but they take pills and shots to get like that, just an average woman doing strength training won’t become really muscly. It helps a lot if you are trying to lose weight as well.

I don’t weigh myself, I haven’t in years, this is because of 2 reasons. 1, I don’t want to become obsessed and defined by this number, its important to love your body and want to improve and look after it. 2, because I do strength as well, my muscles will get stronger and tighter which weighs more than fat so its not accurate. 

I’m very very proud of my changes in my healthy eating, I do still have bad days, where I may binge but I just put that behind me and carry on the next day. I’ve swapped all my carbs (bread, pasta, rice) for wholewheat and wholegrain. I use soya milk more than dairy. I have swap some meats for quorn about 30% of the time. I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and don’t drink soda/fizzy pop pretty much at all. Only an occasional lemonade on a sunny day.

I haven’t seen any changes yet but I haven’t expected to, I’ve been taking things slow so they last, my lifestyle is very different to how is was a year ago and if I keep it up I’m pretty sure the changes in my body will start soon.

I have a fitblr (health tumblr blog) to keep up with any progress and keep me motivated, I have found good inspiration and workouts on here and people should certainly have a look if they want the same, my blog link is under the picture at the top.

Why I want to be healthy and fit:

  1. To prove people wrong who said I couldn’t do it
  2. To feel more confident in clothes
  3. To be able to be active and a role model when I have children
  4. To be able to wear a bikini 
  5. Be healthier and prevent getting ill and diseases

Disclaimer: All this information is things I have researched and been told by professionals, I am not a professional.

Tell me your plans to be fit and active, let me know any tips?

Emily xo



  1. Anonymous
    July 18, 2013 / 9:11 am

    Love this! I have a 'fitblr' as well, which motivates me to work out, it really helps. I agree that us women should do strength training as well. In fact, I love it more than cardio! Lately, I have been really lazy, but after reading your post, I feel motivated again! xo

    • Emily Harrison
      July 18, 2013 / 10:54 am

      Awh i'm really glad I motivated you 🙂

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