15 Facts about Cheeks

  1. I am a very lazy hamster and sleep all day because I’m nocturnal.
  2. My favourite foods are carrots, banana and sunflower seeds.
  3. I love hiding in boxes
  4. I get grumpy if I’m woken up in the day.
  5. I now have a playpen (picture above) but have learnt I can climb out, I love all my toys though.
  6. I climb on top of my tiny blue house in my cage when I want to come out and play.
  7. My favourite place is inside my coconut shell
  8. I run up to 5 miles a night, which was noisy until Mummy put Vaseline on my wheel.
  9. I’m toilet trained and only go for a wee in one section of my cage.
  10. I look silly when I have filled my cheeks up with milk drops and crackers.
  11. I’m called cheeks because Mummy thinks its funny when my cheeks are filled with food.
  12. I like to eat ice cubes when its really hot outside.
  13. I like going to Scott’s house on the weekend to see him and sit with him to play games.
  14. I once walked on Mummy’s phone and hung up her phone call (on speaker) with my feet.
  15. Mummy says I’m not allowed in my ball to run anymore because I learnt how to open the side and escape.

I saw a similar post on Dainty Dresses and thought it was so cute and wanted to do one for Cheeks.

What do you guys think?

Emily xo


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