OOTD – Casual Summer

I’ve been trying to enjoy the sun this time it decided to come out, I’m always a bit weary about going out because I cover up my arms and legs due to being self conscious, but that is another post all together. So I went for a casual look (:

– Plain black leggings – £3 (Primark)
– Denim shirt – £12 (Primark)
– Dress – no idea, had it for like 2 years now aha (sorry!)
– Necklace – £2 (set of 3) (Primark)
– Sunglasses – £2 (Primark)

So pretty much everything is Primark, but I don’t want to spend loads on clothes at the moment as i’m in the transition of being healthy and getting fit. Plus sometimes you can pull together a decent and stylish outfit from Primark aha. Fashion budgeting 😉

My hair is really thick and I have those natural loose curls so I just brush through and I kinda already have the ‘beach look’ but sometimes i’ll spray some hair spray or the like sea salt spray to add more texture into my hair.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, sunbathe, read your summer books and have a refreshing glass of pink lemonade, woo hoo! I shall be doing it, if the sun stays this time.

Emily xo


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