My weekend in pictures #1


I had a really good and busy day on Saturday, well my evening wasn’t busy but I enjoyed it. A lie in is always essential on the weekend, but I actually woke up about 9:30 which is pretty early for me. Scott brought me a coffee and my breakfast banana cookies in bed which was sweet, here is the (Recipe). I got up and got ready, ran a few errands.

We had a walk, then went to Sainsburys cafe, had some chips and hot drinks as it was all rainy and grey outside. 

After doing some shopping we went to pets at home, which I completely love going to, I get to look at all the cute bunnies and hamsters. I love animals so much, if I could I would just have a house of animals, but they would probably eat each other.

At pets at home, I brought some toys and a play pen for Cheeks so she can run around and play in more space then just her cage, she has a ball to run in but she has worked out how to escape and always manages to get out, but this play pen gives her better space for her to exercise and play.

 From Sainsburys my top buys were the 4 items in the picture above, I was so excited to find my name on a coke bottle, I’ve been looking for soo long for my name. I’m really excited to try my new detox mask from Dirty Works, I’ve been breaking out a lot lately and its really starting to annoy me. I love Raspberry products, this lip butter is so nice, I would certainly recommend it. The Clipper, sleep easy infusion tea bags, I got because I saw it in Vogue, I get stressed at home a lot and find it hard to get to sleep, so I got these to try and relax me more, hopefully it will help me sort out my sleeping pattern.

I spent the rest of my evening watching friends and eating my popcorn (: always a good evening with friends.


Sunday was a pretty much the same as any other, I work in a bar on Sundays but I normally only have about  7 people in so its a very relaxed day, I got there a bit earlier today so I got time to just sit and listen to music.

Started out with a cappuccino, coffee is needed in the morning.

Scott came to meet me from work and we played a bit of pool before we went to get some food, he won, but I was veryyy close! I only had one ball left before he potted the 8 ball.

We had a McDonald’s and seen as they brought out some Despicable me toys I had to get a happy meal so I could get one, I love those little minions, I wish they were real, I would totally have one. I know its not great for you but I did a good workout that evening!

So, the rest of my Sunday was me at home, I did a mini pamper as my skin is bad at the moment and then watched friends, also Scott nipped over about 10pm to surprise me and give me some cuddles before bed.

What did you guys do this weekend? 🙂

Emily xo



  1. HaySparkle
    June 25, 2013 / 8:28 pm

    Great post hunni 🙂 Love your blog.Would love it if you could check mine out too.haysparkle.comxoxo

  2. Chloe S
    June 25, 2013 / 9:35 pm

    Really like these type of posts!Its like a Bloggers Vlog! Thanks for following my blog sweet, im now following yours!styleheartmakeup.blogspot.comxx

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