Drifting into the land of dreams

Sleep easy tea

I got this a few days ago as I’ve been having trouble with sleep again lately, I have felt more restless and find it hard to get to sleep, I saw this tea in Vouge and thought I would try it. When I read the ingredients I had to get it, cinnamon is one of the main ingredients which is my absoloute favourite. I’m always excited at Christmas time for Starbucks cinnamon latte. I have this before I brush my teeth and normally watch tv or read as I drink it, the main taste is cinnamon and orange, it’s so nice and certainly is something to get me relaxed and feel all cosy, I wouldn’t have it every night though, sometimes just ice water or green tea. 

Sleeptherapy spray and balm

I’ve been using these items for about a year now, I started when I was an Avon rep, I got discounted products and thought I would try them because my sleeping pattern always messes up. It’s a lavender scent which I generally find relaxing anyway. I use the balm on my wrists, neck and temples, where it says to, I love the smell but only notice it for about 10 minutes. The spray on the other hand, a-maz-ing. I spray it on my curtain, bed, pillows and just all around my bed. About 10 minutes before I go to bed then it just all cosy and relaxing as you drift off. 


Having a shower is a really good way to get ready for bed, I feel all clean and fresh, but will certainly dry my hair because I hate going to bed with wet hair and it makes my pillow all damp. Or sometime’s I just shower and don’t wash my hair, getting the fresh feeling and after I’m dry I can just snuggle into bed.


Candles are a good thing to have as you are starting to wind down, when you’re relaxing or watching a bit of tv before you go to sleep, having the light off but a few candles lit gets the room all cosy and can help you feel more sleepy and relaxed, well I do anyway (especially when it’s rainy or winter)

What do you do to relax before bed?

Emily xo



  1. Aman Kaur
    June 23, 2013 / 7:16 pm

    I always shower before bed and on most nights I light a candle, as I'm obsessed with them! When it's winter candles are on 24/7 in my room. I really want to try that sleep therapy balm and spray from Avon.xoxo, Amanbeauteacoffeechic.blogspot.com

  2. Josephine
    June 24, 2013 / 10:26 am

    Haha, just reading about this, and seeing the products is making me sleepy! :PAh, have fun with the products, and have sweet dreams! :)xxjoyjoii+ {food, fashion, lifestyle} 

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