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Things are very 50/50 at the moment, I’ve been neglecting posts and slacking on my exercise. I’ve not been feeling well and basically had a constant headache for a week now. On the upside I’ve been able to spend the week at my boyfriends house and he’s been looking after me.

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I’ve had this headache now for 9 days on and off. I went to the doctors twice about it because having a headache that long is exhausting, its so draining, mentally and physically. The doctor said it is a tension headache and they can last for months! I was like WAHHHH! He gave me some pills to help and said I should take paracetamol as well, which I shall. He also said I need to sort out my stress and try and control it, which I didn’t think was a issue, but it must be, most of my stress at the moment I would say, is not having a job and just stuff at home.

So basically, i’m being all active and improved my eating habits because I want to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit. I do want to be thin as well but I want to be strong and have a good fitness level. I’ve started the 30 day squat challenge and i’m on about day 12 at the moment, I actually can see a change in my legs and bum, I have more shape ad definition in my bum and my legs are certainly thinner. I’ve re-joined the gym again which will be good for me, I have actually missed it and loved the workout, I’m gonna try to maybe give more structure this time to what i’m doing while i’m there. Exercise and headache wise i’m going to try and put yoga back into my daily routine to help with stress and obviously exercise.

I haven’t done a lot of shopping recently, but I have some more beauty related posts coming soon :)!


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  1. Ellie M
    May 30, 2013 / 3:19 pm

    Awh I know how you're feeling, I get terrible migraines every few weeks and they last for ages. It's horrible. I've found that drinking a large cold glass of water and doing some stretching really helps so yoga would be great!!! Hope you start feeling better xx

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