Review | Impress Nails

Hey lovelies!

So I brought these imPRESS nails from Superdrug for £5.99 and the colour is ‘Big Flirt’. I was pretty impressed with the price and these were the cheaper ones, some went up to about £7 – £8. They come in this little cute bottle packaging which is easy to put in your bag or where ever you go.

So, applying them was super easy, you just peel off a sticky tab on the back, place it on your nail and press down, quite hard if you want it to stick better, or so I have read on the back. As soon as I put them on, they felt quite secure and attached to my nail, but I still left them for about 10 minutes before going back to doing lots of stuff.

Within the first 2 days, my index finger and my pinky nail had fell off, but because you get quite a few in the pack, its easy to just stick another on. My nails were very short on these so I think it helps to have longer nails, for them to have more grip, because I have tiny hands as it is. All the others were fine and they are certainly good for the price, over the next few days they stayed on pretty well, a random would fall occasionally, about 3-4 times but because you get a few in you can just stick another on and its instant, no waiting around. Also the thing that I love is that it doesn’t hurt AT ALL when one falls off in comparison to when I last got a manicure it nearly ripped my nail off when it broke off.

I think they would be good as a quick manicure for holiday or if you have a event coming up or if you just fancy treating yourself. After replacing those that fell off, my nails last for 5 days (with 2 missing at the end) so I’m pretty pleased with them, I would give them a: 



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