Oh, my love for lipstick

I don’t know where my love and obsession with lipstick came from, I only started wearing it about a year ago, before then I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I actually counted and I have 43 lipsticks/gloss. That’s a lot, I didn’t even know I had that many til I counted aha. But I just love how it can change a whole look. These are my current favourite’s but I have my eye on getting a YSL one at the moment. I love the berry and red colours for Autumn and Winter and the pinks and lilacs for Spring and Summer. Don’t get me wrong I will mix and match, I find a dark red is my usual pick for when I go out but a natural make up look I will go for pink or just gloss. 

Sometimes I will admit I get lazy and just don’t bother but I have all these beautiful colours and I want to make sure I wear them more this year.


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