Top Summer Items

The sun is starting to shine and the rain and snow is finally starting to go away. Literally can’t wait for all the amazing summerness. After a snuggly, cosy and pretty good but freezing cold winter, I’m really looking forward to the spring/summer and hope its eventful and warm, might even get a tan! Here are my top items which I love to have in the summer, enjoy! 🙂

Floral Scents – 

I adore floral perfumes anyway, but its a definite must have for summer, when its all hot and sunny with all the flowers sprouting up anyway, I like to have a nice floral scent which will last throughout the day. My current ones are Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and my Kate Moss perfume (which I don’t think has a name, but its the pink one) These are very springy scents, sweet and fruity. I find the Kate Moss is more subtle than the Flowerbomb but the flowerbomb can stay on all day without lots of re-spraying.


Of course its nails, I have so many nail polishes but all the bright and rainbow kind of colours come out for spring and summer. Having bright nails can jazz up your outfit a bit and add some extra color. I’m really liking the pastels at the moment for spring and summer but I also am starting the like the neon set from Models own, may have to do a bit of shopping soon 😀 

That Perfect Smile –

In the summer, there is a lot of people taking a lot of photos, whether its at a festival or on holiday. I like to have a special whitening toothpaste. I drink a lot of coffee (trying to cut down) so it does help me. Its nice to have white teeth. I also am going to be using the lilac lipstick color I have about 3 but this is my favourite, its from Avon. Its very pigmented and has good stay wear. Last but not least, lip gloss. I’ve only just got into lip gloss but I love the sheen it adds to my lips and can just make them stand out a bit. So for my perfect summer smile, I will be using all these together (:

Sunglasses – 

I like to have a range of sunglasses in the summer because I find I can match them with different outfits and it can give my face a different shape almost. My must have styles are Aviators, over sized ones, and ones that are the Ray Ban style, I can’t afford them so I brought the skull ones that are kind of the shape from Primark for about £3.

Girly Mags – 

I have fell in love with Glamour at the moment and even brought a year subscription. Girly mags are a must have in summer for me. When I’m up the park just relaxing in the sun, I like to have a magazine with me, or chilling in my back garden, trying to get a tan. The travel sized ones are handy to just chuck in your handbag as well.

Body Butter –

I use body butter all year round anyway, but the coconut scent is a summer thing for me. It just reminds me of the warm weather and the sun and umph this body butter just smells amazing! The smell of it stays on all day and I love it when I’m doing something and just get a whiff. 

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