Cheer up Chuck

So today isn’t a good day for me, I’ve been in my boyfriends bed all day feeling a bit poop and had a headache pretty much all day. I don’t like these days, you’re not like very ill but its just a ‘meh’ day where you don’t want to do anything but certain things need to get done. But I’ve decided i’m staying in bed so not a productive day today, so I’m blogging, which I very much enjoy. So here a list of stuff I’ve done today and just other stuff that cheers me up, might help you guys 🙂

  1. I’ve been catching up on you-tubers and bloggers, I love watching vlogs, hauls and tutorials 
  2. Buy yourself a little treat, my lovely boyfriend brought my my favourite milkshake and some pringles, yum yum.
  3. Instagram, I use Instagram as taking pictures of things that cheer me up and make me happy, so my pet, when I’ve treated myself, little moments when you just feel content and happy and being able to scroll back through it can lift your mood quite a bit. I will be looking at getting them printed into a book or printed out to just keep which will be nice I think.
  4. Pamper afternoons (face mask, shower, body treatments, paint your nails, hair mask, relax) I find these so relaxing and after when I’m all clean and fresh, I can sit and read a book or watch a film and feel so lovely and content.
  5. On-line shopping/window shopping. I love on-line shopping and had an impulse buy earlier, went and brought this beauty below (and it was 1/3 off!!). I’ve got a lot of stuff going on this summer (you can see below) and I’m thinking of starting YouTube videos and vlogging again. I’m also thinking about going to Cambodia or Thailand for a week or 2 to look after some elephants that are being looked after and have been rescued and vlogging/documenting these will be amazing. (Picture from Argos Website)

  6. If you’re with your loved one, cuddles are always the best, or a pet. I love sitting having cuddles with Mischief and when I had Flopsy. So go and get cuddling!
  7. Make a list of things to look forward too, I have on my tumblr and its:
  • Twycross Zoo with Scott – 4th May
  • Godiva Festival – 5th – 7th July
  • James and the Giant Peach Theater production – 12 July
  • Coventry Caribbean Festival – 27th July
  • A few days away with Scott in the Summer

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