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Hey guys

So I haven’t posted over the last few days properly, I have been soooo busy. I’ve been working, I work in a bar 2 nights a week and Sunday morning. I’ve been especially busy this weekend.

I worked on Friday night then went to my boyfriends house and stayed over, we spent Saturday morning relaxing then went out for dinner and saw Iron Man 3. It was AMAZINGGGG! I love Marvel so much and really enjoyed the film, a lot of twists I wasn’t expecting. I heard some people thought it wasn’t that good because they though Tony Stark was going to die, but like there is another Avengers Movie, which he is in, so its pretty obvious from the beginning.

On Sunday me and Scott (my boyfriend) got up early and went and had a McDonald’s breakfast then, we went to Pets At Home and brought a little 9 week old hamster! OMG I’ve been so excited and she is adorable. I’ve called her ‘Cheeks’ pretty common but I just love when they stuff their cheeks with food, so cute. Shes been a bit shy, but shes just had a big transition to moving to my house, but she has a cute little cage with nice toys.

Sunday afternoon, I had an induction at the RSPCA, I’ve become a volunteer 2 days a week at the moment but may take on more days if I can, its an hour walk each way so that is a lot. But I love animals and will get to look after them, feed them, walk and train them. The woman at the induction also said it was a good way to get into the position to have a job working with animals which I am completely up for.

So I’ve had a busy but fun/lovely time. Really hope I can find some decent part time work and save up to move out!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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