Review | Head and Shoulders

So I haven’t actually used head and shoulders before but after the horrid cold weather and my skin going dry an lips chapped my scalp might as well too. So yeah I’ve had dry skin on my scalp and it’s been itchy at times and even felt a bit tight at times. It’s not nice and can be embarrassing.

My friend at university told me she has had it before and she used head and shoulders so I nipped into body care and got some cheap for about £2 I think. The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

It says you can tell the difference from the first wash and oh em gee I did. I used it twice whilst in the shower just to give my hair a deep clean, I took extra time to massage it into my scalp and it didn’t feel itchy or tight after. It felt so nice, it hasn’t got nice smells and all that jazz but my hair felt super clean after.

It’s certainly a good product to use in the winter to protect your hair and scalp from the cold. It will be my winter must have from now on.


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