Recovered | Hair disaster 2012

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Last year, I used the John Frieda precision foam color  I went for a dark red cause I do love red hair but dark not really bright, I don’t think it would suit me. I have died my hair before and have used John Frieda before and never had a problem. I applied the hair dye very precisely because i’m always weary about hair dye cause of people leaving it on too long and all that jazz.

So yeah as I was washing the dye out some of my hair was coming out just odd strands, but more than usual so I just dismissed it as I have random strands come out when i’m washing my hair cause I have super thick hair. When I was drying it I noticed a lot of my hair was breaking off and felt really brittle and weak, I was super annoyed as it was clearly the dye as my hair was healthy and fine before that. My hair had lost 6 inches in length from it being really weak and it just broke off.

I rang John Frieda and they sent me 2 recovery hair cream products which I went through in about a month and it was still brittle and unhealthy, I then rang them again and got about £100 of free products and repair products. It did help but I’ve had to use repair and protection products almost for the last year to keep my hair improving to feel healthy again. While doing this I had to go to the hair dressers and get my hair cut really short to get rid of all the dead hair. I really don’t like short hair on me, I like long hair so it was a bit meh.

I didn’t like it short but I knew I had to for it to start to grow back properly. But I am pleased to say it feels pretty okay now, a lot of looking after but my hair is feeling healthy and got its ‘bounce’ back, also the length, which pleases me greatly.

Looks a bit frizzy but it was just blow dried, won’t be for a while yet but I’m wanting to go red or dark brown, but I will be going to the hair dressers for that aha 🙂 


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