Style | Messy side plait & Make up

Hey Guys, Its all snowy and cold in England today and don’t get me wrong, I love snow. Just when I’m inside and warm and snuggled up, not when I’m out in the cold getting wet and soggy. There’s not much point me putting on a full face of make up when the weathers like this, my eyes water a lot and until I have been to the hospital and had the surgery they will carry on. 

With my hair, I just did a normal side plait and then scrunched my hair near the roots to add a bit of volume and the ‘messy’ style. I then used a hair pin to just keep the stray bits at the back neat and used hair spray to keep it all nice and still. Which is certainly needed with the cold snow and wind trying to mess my hair up aha.

So I’ve gone for a subtle natural/smokey eye look.When my eyes water loads, I have to constantly wipe tears away from my eyes so no eyeliner in my water line. I’ve put a thin layer of Rimmel wake me up foundation and then some Rimmel brozner and Watts up highlighter from benefit. I used the vain powder and boi-ing concealer out of my benefit how to look good at everything mini box set. I used a light and dark brown eye shadow from the neutral MUA pallet from Super-drug.

So as the weather is horrible today, I just went out to dinner with my boyfriend and we had a carvery and now we are staying in all day and relaxing and probably watch toy story.


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