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So I had a recent little shopping trip to Boots and Primark, I didn’t buy much because I’ve been shopping A LOT lately but I got some cute stuff and thought I would share 🙂

So first is Primark, I got this shopper bag with the distressed Aztec skull design on. It was only £1.50 and thought it would come in handy when I’m going out with loads of stuff because its actually quite big and can hold a lot of stuff. I got the new make up bag as my other one was just a tacky old one I brought for just temporary use but I lovedddd this one. I love the studded design and I’m just loving white at the moment anyway, It is quite big for a make up bag but I take loads with my when I go out so its ideal for me and only £3.

I got the sunglasses for the summer and they are almost like the Ray Ban shape but mega mega cheap and with a cute little skull on the corner. I thought they would be nice for a grungy relaxed look, most likely when I go to Godiva Festival or even just out for a drink in the sun.

I’m not a massive buyer of hair products, I have a lot of different shampoos and conditions but not other products. I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Batiste dry shampoo and thought I would give it a go as I ran out of my Tresemme one. I brought the floral and coconut scented ones, I didn’t want to buy the big canisters unless I wasn’t too keen on it, so I got the travel sized ones which were only about £1-£2. For starters I loved the smell, especially the coconut, I love coconut anyway, it gave my hair a nice fresh feel and actually a lot of volume, which was unexpected but very pleased about.

I also brought the got2be volumizing styling powder. I was a bit weary about using this as it comes like talc powder and thought I would just look like I have dandruff, but you put a small amount into your hand and rub them together, it kind of feels sticky. Then I just pump up my hair and it gives it instant volume, not as much as the dry shampoo but its good for a subtle but volumzing look and definitively use hair spray too with it. I don’t think I will be buying it again though.

I love hand cream and hand sanitizers and getting a little collection now, Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands and I have the Hand Maid hand sanitizer which smells like floral and fruity amazingness. I got the Hand Food hand cream and it smells lovely and fruity too and gives quite good moisturizing which is good for the cold weather at the moment.The Bee Lovely Hand Cream smells amazing as well but is a lemon scent which feels more summery to me. Its very good too though and makes my hands feel lovely. Thumbs up for these two.

I haven’t strayed from my Avon eyebrow definer yet but when I saw Soap and Glory have one I had to try it, I think its really handy to have it double ended with a highlighter added. I found it stays all day and has good definition with the highlighter as well. Its handy to just keep in your make up bag and use on the go if you do need to touch it up a bit. I used these with me eyebrow brush and tweezers to get strays and had lovely shaped and defined brows.


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  1. Vanessa
    March 31, 2013 / 11:10 pm

    Very good products…I like your blog.^^Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???Let me know follow you then back.Lovely greets Nessa

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