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With a recent shopping splurge, I couldn’t help but splash out on some benefit products, I’ve started buying some more pricey products to see if they are worth the hype.

Watts up highlighter £24.50

I was so so pleased with this. The champagne colour really give structure to my face which is what I need so I don’t look just like a pale faced doll. It’s super easy to apply and stays on pretty much all day maybe only just a top up if your going out in the evening as well. You use the highlighter end and apply where you wish, I apply just on my cheek bones an half way down my nose, then use the handy little blender on the end and blend it in with my foundation. Will be buying it again!

How to look the best at everything (light) £24.50

This is a 50/50 product for me, you get a various few things in the adorable book like box.


I am super surprised with this, haven’t seen anything like it before, you apply it in certain places on your face where you feel you can see your pores and it simply makes them disappear. The blend a way to give your skin a smooth and silky look. I use it on and around my nose and forehead. I’d buy this again and think its worth the price.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

I wasn’t overly happy with this foundation, I probably put to much on or something but I felt as though it made me a bit orange, I will try it again, it may have been the moisturizer I put on before hand, I liked the way it felt on my skin though, which I do look for in foundations and have heard a lot of good things from that’s heart. Will be testing this again guys 🙂


I felt it didn’t give me a lot of coverage under the eyes, I am still looking for my dream products as i have dark circles under my eyes and it annoys me greatly, at the moment i’m pretty happy with using collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. I did however very much like this to cover dark marks and spots that creep onto my face no and again, i’m still a bit uncertain on this one.

“Ma Vain” Champagne Powder

Love, love, love! I apply this after my concealer and foundation and it just gives a lovely finishing effect for my complexion. Makes my skin look smooth and silky, doesn’t clump on top of my foundation. Just a lovely product to use in my everyday routine.


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