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So my make up was all in a big mess in a large make-up bag, which is frustrating in the morning when you’re in a rush and can’t find which products you want to use, so I’ve decided to start sorting out my make up and tidy them up a bit as I’m starting to get a big collection. I’ve started with some of my nail varnishes (couldn’t fit them all in the tin lid, so I used the ones I use the most) and all my lip products. 

For these I used a Vaseline tin, it was £5 from Primark and is a really good size to use for storage! 🙂 I used the lid for the nail varnishes and the bottom for the lip products, This is the tin…

I’m thinking of using maybe the boxes from glossy box to sort out eye shadows and liners etc, if you guys have any idea’s then let me know! 🙂

Emily xoxo


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